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New stage of implementation of the project “Cycling”

6 May

Based on the results of a tender for selection of a contractor for design and survey work in the framework of the project “Cycling”, on April 17, 2019, lead partner of the project, the Directorate for Development of the St.Petersburg and Leningrad Region Transport System, signed an agreement with the winner, Institute «Stroyproject», giving official start to design stage of the project.
In the same time, Main Department of State Expertise approved technical documentation on the object “Overhaul of the A-181 highway «Scandinavia» St. Petersburg - Vyborg - border with Finland, section Vyborg - Svetogorsk, entrance to BCP Svetogorsk, km 40 + 900 - km 48 + 808, Leningrad region”, including the part concerning construction by the Federal Transport Agency of a bicycle-pedestrian path from the village Lesogorskiy through Svetogorsk to the BCP Svetogorsk.
This allows for building a cycle path through the central part of the city of Svetogorsk in the framework of the project. The planned route of the bike path takes into account location of places of attraction of cyclists, such as schools, sport center and city park. The path will pass through the streets of Krasnoarmeyskaya, Sportivnaya and Pogranichnaya and then further along Zavodskaya street to the dam of the Svetogorskaya hydropower plant.
The bicycle-pedestrian path built by the Federal Transport Agency and the cycle path built in the framework of the project will have connections and become the basis of the local cycle path network. It will connect the village Lesogorskiy, Svetogorsk and the BCP at the Russian-Finnish border and will end on one side right at the beginning of the popular among cyclists route along Vuoksi river.
The design and survey works in the framework of the project will be finished by October, 2019.