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Lead partner of the project «Cycling» taught more than 300 pupils safe cycling skills

24 May

CBC project «Cycling» team together with the Ladoga Center, coordinating organization for prevention of accidents involving children and youth, visited the City of Svetogorsk to hold a seminar on cycling safety for pupils.

The event is timed to upcoming completion of construction of the new cycle path in the city as part of the project «Cycling» implementation. The cycle path will connect all the main attraction spots in Svetogorsk, including those that attract kids and youth such as the school, cultural center and sport center, etc. Young cyclists will have a chance to test the new infrastructure already this summer.

For two days 4-5th grade pupils attended exciting practical lessons on cycling safety that were carried out with the help of a mobile city traffic model. In total, more than 300 pupils took part in the event.

The mobile city traffic model allowed for creating realistic road conditions for the learning process. Completing interesting tasks and taking on roles of pedestrians or cyclists, pupils did not only learn important rules but had a great time.

Young seminar participants under guidance of professional instructors from the Ladoga Center worked on serious problems and situations that a cyclist can face and covered such topics as traffic light signals, crossing of a regulated and unregulated intersection, correct behavior on the road, types of road marking and traffic signs.

Apart from practice, participants gained a lot of theoretical knowledge. At one stage, they were asked to take a test on safe cycling rules right inside an equipped truck that was brought along with the city traffic model.

For the seminar the Directorate prepared information materials on cycling safety and useful cycling accessories: colorful bike bags, retro reflectors and guide books for young cyclists.

Project team is sure that educational seminars is one of the most effective ways to bring up a generation of responsible cyclists and make cycling trips safer.

The school principal Viktoria Kokotkina expressed gratitude to the Directorate for such a great event idea and its excellent implementation.

Background information:

Project «Adaptation of new approaches to develop cycling and cycling routes between Russia and Finland to improve safety, mobility and environment, and to promote social development (the case: Svetogorsk – Imatra cycle track)» (project «Cycling») is implemented by the Directorate since 2018 in collaboration with the City of Imatra, Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of the South-East Finland and City of Svetogorsk with financial support from the South-East Finland – Russia CBC Programme.