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Construction of the “St. Petersburg – Sertolovo” light rail transit line

Project Description:

Construction of the light rail transit line from "Ozerki" or "Parnas" subway station to Sertolovo city

Project objectives:

  • Increase of transport accessibility of Sertolovo (town in Leningrad region) and new residential neighbourhood in Osinovaya Roscha;

  • Decrease of time spent in transport;

  • Relocation of passenger flows from automobile transport to railway;

  • Enhancing the capacity of road network;

  • Decreasing the negative  impact of passenger transport on the environment

Project Budget and Funding Sources:

16,5 bln. rub.

Federal budget, co-financing of subjects of Russian Federation - St.Petersburg and Leningrad region, non-budget sources (PPP)

Timeline for implementation:

2018 - 2020

Project Managers:

Petr Golumbevsky

Head of Unit

Phone: (812) 305-28-28 (доб. 1114)