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Transport interchange hub "Rybatskoye"

Project Description:

Creation of transfer hub “Rybatskoye” as part of the underground station

  • Railroad station

  • Stops of land-based urban and suburban passenger transport and light railway transport

  • Intercepting motor vehicles parking

Project objectives:

  • Increase of transport accessibility of the Nevsky district;

  • Development and integration of the public passenger transport network;
  • Creating prerequisites for switching passenger traffic from personal transport to public;

  • Switching of the peak flow of individual transport from the Rybatsky microdistrict and settlements Petro-Slavyanka, Metallostroy, Ust-Izhora for public passenger transport;

  • Unloading of the street-road network in the zone of attraction TPU «Rybatskoye»;
  •  Effective organization of traffic flow and passenger flows;

  • Accomplishment of adjacent to TPU "Rybatskoye" territories

Project Budget and Funding Sources:

967 mio. rub.

Timeline for implementation:

2018 - 2020

Project Managers:

Elmira Kovalchuk

Head of Unit

Phone: (812) 305-28-28 (1121)