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The creation of the St. Petersburg unified transport control center

Project Description:

  The purpose of the project: to justify the feasibility of the creation, as well as the development of a list and procedure for the establishment of a single dispatching (situational) center for transport management in St. Petersburg (hereinafter referred to as the Situation Center), including automated control systems for urban land passenger transport general use of St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg "GUP" Petersburg Metro ", suburban railway transport, automated traffic management systems of various departmental the Government of St. Petersburg, the PKU "DSTO St. Petersburg", JSC "WHSD", LLC "MSS", FKU "Sevzapupravtodor".

"The concept of creating a single dispatching center of urban transport" was developed and approved by the Government of St. Petersburg.

Project objectives:

  • Increase the quality, safety, effectiveness and reliability of the city transport complex management

  • Organize an effective collaboration with organizations in the case of emergency situations occurring at transport complexes, including within the hardware and software complex “Safe City”

  • Coordinate activities for transportation organizations in the implementation of major public events (sport, cultural, political etc.)

Project Budget and Funding Sources:

380 mio. rub.

Budget of St. Petersburg

Timeline for implementation:


Project Managers:

Valery Palchik

Deputy Head of the Department - Head of the Department of Intelligent Transport Systems

Phone: (812) 305-28-28 (доб.1410)